Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Barre Sculpt   This class incorporates all the core toning elements of yoga and Pilates, with the booty and thigh sculpting effects of ballet barre work.  No previous experience required.

Candlelight Community   This class is an all-levels vinaysa flow. Enjoy an evening of yoga in the beautiful flow of candlelight. This class will build heat, strength, and flexibility while allowing the mind to achieve the deep meditation enhanced by the darkness.

Cleansing Breath Meditation   This class utilizes various meditation techniques and practices to bring about a raising of consciousness to a higher level of awareness.  It allows the participant to go into a deep trance to heal their past, visualize their future, and to live fully in the present.  It also allows the healing energy of love to fulfill and sustain both our heart and soul through manifesting divine energy.

Communiy Vinyasa Yoga   This is an energetic vinyasa class, linking the breath with a flowing sequence. The class is designed for all levels with modifications offered so students can practice at their own level. In addition to yoga poses, this class also incorporates breathing and meditation techniques.

Essential Oils Yoga   This is an all levels class that incorporates the use of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  Students will be lead through a series of postures as essential oils are distributed.  The oils will change weekly allowing the student to experience all the amazing benefits of natural healing.  You will not want to miss this one!

Gentle Yoga   This class is a gentle yet thorough approach to yoga with an emphasis on stretching and staying limber. Students will move through postures that work to improve strength, balance and joint function, as well as, breathing and relaxation.

Gentle & Essentials   This gentle class is enhanced through using the benefits of essential oils and aims to restore balance and flexibility, through ease, to both mind and body.  We will learn to use breath as our tools to influence a calm state of being and to decrease the tension that we store within ourselves.  This practice is a slower flow through gentle asanas (poses) to improve mobility, stability and strength in our everyday lives.  Appropriate for those who are seeking a gentle practice or who are looking to add balance to an active practice.  Appropriate for all levels.

HOTTT Yoga   Dynamic class in which the room is heated to around 90 degrees.  The heat in the room enables our bodies to increase flexibility and eliminate toxins in our bodies through perspiration.  This class is recommended for intermediate and advanced students.  Please consider bringing a towel and plenty of water.

Relaxation Meditation   This meditation is a immersion between Mayan, Tibetan and Indian techniques that utilizes Tibetan bowls, crystals, oracle cards and crystal bowls which harmonizes into a grand effect that illuminates that heart, soul and mind of each individual to bring about a balanced union into one being. 

Rise & Shine

Slow Flow   This class will slow things down a bit for those of you looking for a "gentle" class.  Don't let the title fool you, postures are held slightly longer than a typical vinyasa class allowing the student to learn how to link breath with movement.  Great precursor class to HOTTT Yoga.

Slow Flow for Strength   This class focuses on slow movements and longer holds for asanas (poses) to develop tone for the muscles we already have and subsequently builds more muscle on top of the existing muscle.  There is a cyclical flow to the class where asanas build upon the previous asanas to incorporate the full mobility of the muscle.  This class on works on a 2-3 week series, where each week builds upon the previous week going with the natural yearly flow of the class.

Spirit Flow   This class is for the traditional yoga lovers! This vinyasa stye class focuses on heart openers and micro back bends. Suitable for all levels, as modifications will be provided for more advanced postures. However, if you are wanting to advance your practice into more challenging postures, this class will also provide you with the opportunity to do so.

Strength & Flexibility Flow   This class will help to build strength, increase flexibility and find focus.  It will also focus on applying breath to transition from one pose to another.  Suitable for intermediate and advanced students.

Sunrise Flow   Wake up on the sunny side of life with this inspiring and powerful vinyasa yoga flow. Students will explore different energizing postures, breathing techniques, and meditation to start their day in the best way! Core strength, balance, and alignment will be emphasized through the flows followed by a cool down with deep stretching and meditation. You will leave inspired and ready for your day. This class is open to any level of practitioner, though some experience is suggested for this power morning flow.

Therapeutic Gentle Yoga   This class entirely depends upon the student's needs.  Prior to the class starting the instructor will ask the students what ailments their bodies have and will build the class upon said information.  The instructor will then formulate a class that is intended to alleviate the student's ailments.  

Total Relaxation Yoga   Feel Stressed, weak or fatigued from a long busy day? Try some total relaxation yoga. We use props to support the body. During the class, you will find yourself start to sink into total relaxation. There will also be a guided meditation throughout the entire class to boost the level of relaxation.Helps to benefits healing your body and mind, reducing stress and balancing energy and quieting the mind.


Yoga Basics (Vinyasa Style)
  Vinyasa Style yoga is linked movement with breath. In this class, you will learn the correct alignment on each pose and gain a deeper understanding of yogi breath (pranayama). Students use props to make each pose accessible. This class is perfect for students who are new to yoga.

Yinyasa   This class brings in aspects of vinyasa yoga and yin yoga. The vinyasa portion will be a combination of seated and balancing postures including a gentle flow through sun salutations, while syncing breath with movement. The yin practice will focus on seated and reclining postures that are held for longer periods of time to stretch the connective tissues and release muscle tension. Yin postures are usually held from three to ten minutes, while using the assistance of props to help one relax and release deeply in poses.

Yoga Basics   This class takes it back to the basics!  Hatha yoga focuses on the fundamental aspects of a yoga practice.  Students will learn to breathe fully with proper alignment.  Use of props will be encouraged in order to make poses more accessible and comfortable.  If you are new to the practice of yoga this class is perfect!

Yoga Sculpt   In this energetic class, downward-dog meets dumbbells. In addition to the vinyasa flow, this class adds bursts of cardio with the option to add light weights to certain postures. Be prepared to challenge your balance, muscle endurance, and coordination, cultivating your inner warrior.