Kendra completed her 200-RYT under the tutelage of Marsha Pappas, Nikki Meyers and Dave Sims at Cityoga. She was drawn to yoga initially as a complement to her many years of workouts in a traditional gym setting. Yoga has helped her to heal on both a physical and an emotional level from several of the challenges encountered throughout her life. She found that yoga brings a balance to the psyche that cannot be found from exercise alone. After several years of practice on her own and in various studios, she decided to take her practice further and pursued a teaching certification. Her desire is to take this knowledge out into the community and help others find a similar sense of peace and balance in their lives.


Chia’s Yoga journey started when she was in her home country, Taiwan. Ever since, nothing can stop her on her yoga journey. In 2014, she decided to deepen her yoga knowledge through Ahna Hoke and Chuck Crosby in Invoke in Indianapolis. With her diligent study and practice, she got her 200-hour RYT in August, 2014. Her teaching style is fun, challenging and relaxing the same time. She believes that yoga is not just doing postures; it also connects your breath and mind. Breath is the way to practice mindfulness and live in the present moment. She teaches variety of classes each week at Studio You Yoga. Her yoga journey teaches her something important. She believes that everything you do, you have to believe in yourself. That’s the secret to success. Chia is currently pursuing her advanced 500-hour

Morgan Tatum began her study of yoga over twelve years ago by taking an elective course her freshman year of college. She quickly learned that yoga can be for any-BODY! She began to deepen her practice in 2008 by taking classes offered through work and local studios. She received her 200 hour certification from Invoke Yoga and Pilates in December 2010 under the instruction of Ahna Hoke and Eric Bryant. She has been teaching Vinyasa classes for the last three years. Her classes are inspirational and playful, with a focus on mindfulness and movement with breath. Morgan believes yoga is not only a physical and mental practice, but a spiritual one as well. She hopes to help others to find their inner beauty, strength and peace through yoga. She is so grateful for the opportunity to share her passion for yoga with her community.

Emilie started yoga in 2010 as a college course at IUPUI. She was surprised by how much it helped her remain calm and focused during her hectic college years. After taking some time to compete in fitness shows, Emilie felt there was something missing. She needed to heal her body and mind which brought her back to the mat. Not only did yoga help her through transitions and challenges in life, it gave her the opportunity to be completely happy and comfortable in her body. She wanted to share this feeling with everyone so she signed up for her teacher training and became a RYT200 under the guidance of Nikki Meyers, Dave Sims and Marsha Pappas at Cityoga. Emilie strives to create a safe and inviting space for all to come explore yoga and experience the joy that it offers.


In 2010 in an attempt to become more mindful of her body, Andrea found herself seeking a lifestyle change. She wanted to change the way she looked at life, the food she ate and fed her family, and become more active with exercise. While trying many different forms of exercise, she discovered yoga. Yoga helped her mind, body, and soul through breathing and connecting breath with asana. Vinyasa yoga quickly became her "go to", and after about 2 years practicing at her home she went to Invoke Yoga and Pilates Studio in Indianapolis for her first studio class. She was immediately hooked! Her faith built right along with her practice, and she felt she was uncovering a calling deep from within that she could not ignore. She obtained her 200RYT from Invoke in August of 2015. She is very excited to share this passion to help others become comfortable and gracious with heir bodies.

Melissa Brown completed her 200-hr training at Invoke Studio in 2013 as a way to de-stress from an over-committed undergraduate senior year. She took a year off to dive deeper into her own personal practice and re-balance before beginning law school. After seeing the benefits her practice had on her difficult first year, Melissa began offering yoga for the students and staff at the law school. Expanding her teaching to studio classes, she enjoys being able to offer a piece of calm and comfort to her students’ often busy and stressful lives. In her classes, she creates a space for her students to escape to their mats, work with intention through a series of challenging poses, then take what they have learned in their practice and apply it to life’s challenges. For this reason, her classes incorporate breathing practices and guided meditation techniques her students can utilize both on and off their mats. You will leave Melissa’s class feeling lighter, more centered, and better equipped for life’s trials.

Judy (Blossom) is a 500-RYT and has been teaching since 2000. Her passion for yoga began in 1998 when she began to look for a way to decrease the stress level in her life. Judy took her first hatha yoga class in 1998 and was hooked. She found her first body-mind connection through yoga. She has received certifications in Kripalu yoga, studied with various Yogakids teachers, and has been influenced by many different styles and teachers. In 2009 she received her 500-RYT certification from the Hard & Soft Yoga Institute under the direction of Beryle Bender Birch. She is grateful for this opportunity to share her passion and love of yoga at Studio You. She comes to class with an open heart and a dedicated practice.


Brandy's yogic journey started through her love of reading and a deep longing to understand and quiet her mind. It wasn't until after a few years of studying the mind, and how it functions, that the knowledge led her to a yoga mat. Several years ago, her asana practice first began at home without really knowing what yoga is and it's benefit for the mind, body + spirit. Eager to learn more, she started attending classes at a yoga studio, which is where she began to first feel her relationship to being in the present moment. As she continued to develop a connection to presence through a daily yoga practice, she found that sharing this blissful way of life with others is what she strongly desired and she knew this is how she wanted to continue living her life. Following her heart, she completed the 200-hour teacher training program, so that she could obtain the proper skill set to share this beautiful, ancient knowledge with other people. Brandy loves and welcomes anyone who wishes to share this joyous practice, by spending time together on the mat and helping to spread this peace and awareness into our daily lives and into the world.

Karyn is a 200-RYT and has been teaching since 2011. Her passion for yoga began in 1994 in a small community center in California and continues to this day as she is now able to guide others along their own yoga experience. Teaching yoga is the privilege of witnessing the internal transformation that occurs at the junction of breath and movement. As we learn to balance on the mat...we learn to balance life's challenges.